Angela Anderson

Angela Anderson is a New Zealand’s first Internationally Certified Master Groomer and also a NDGANZ certified Master Groomer having started grooming in 2000.  She is also a twice certified Sasha Riess poodle grooming expert.

She owns and operates Angels Professional Grooming Centre which includes Angels Grooming Academy - New Zealand’s largest and most respected grooming academy seeing her students from for throughout New Zealand and internationally, as well as a busy grooming parlour and franchisor for Jims Dog Wash in New Zealand.
Angela has won many awards for her grooming particularly in Hand stripping, poodle class and salon freestyle and conducts seminars around New Zealand and Australia for groomers wishing to upskill or those just starting out.
Having been a member of the NZ Groomteam for several years Angela enjoyed competing in New Zealand and abroad and showing her standard poodle in the show ring prior to retiring from competition work to focus on Grooming Judging and seminars.  
Her easy to understand style and thorough knowledge of the material makes Angela a popular speaker, grooming judge and certifier.


National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand is an organisation representing the standards, goals, aspirations and image of the Professional Pet Groomers.

Our primary intention is aimed at uniting groomers through membership and in this way we hope to form a professional and sincere alliance that will benefit the grooming industry by recognising the true and committed pet professional.

NDGA provides advanced continuing educational programs in the form of workshops and seminars designed to enhance the expertise and business acumen of professional pet groomers and provides you an opportunity to expand your professional contacts, to make friends amongst individuals with common interests, concerns and goals.




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